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The Spirit of the Walrus

The Spirit of the Walrus

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ISBN 1-892471-27-2
44 pages, small format
Bright Hill Press

"Takes numbers to launch an invasion. Numbers they have. Now they want their land back, they want everything back ... "




The Spirit of the Walrus


"The Eskimos believed that the inua
of an animal enjoyed being hunted
with a beautiful implement."

William W. Fitzhugh
National Geographic Vol. 163, No. 2
February 1983

The spirit of the walrus
yearned for the flung harpoon
to bear the finest carver's mark

his own father's tusk
incised with lines and eyes
to hold the blade

the beauty of the tool
made pursuit itself an art
death a pleasure

his inua would find
inside an unborn animal
a future home

Elisavietta Ritchie

[ Poetry Vol. CLXXIX No. 5 copyright February 2002 ]


"Her writing informs and at the same time plays with language, gives off a joy, a pleasure in words, I admire her rhythmic sentences. Yes, a poet is aflote, gamboling lolling, may even be grazing flanks."

Colette Inez

"Elisavietta Ritchie's work is original, varied, and exciting, and has been growing steadily in scope and controle. The core of her poems is vitality. Grim, joyous, exuberant, or erotic, they have a strong and vivid life."

Josephine Jacobsen



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