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Lunatic Moons:
Insomnia Cantatas


LUNATIC MOONS: INSOMNIA CANTATAS - A delightful conversation between poet Elisavietta Ritchie and artist Suzanne Shelden, Lunatic Moons explores the realms of poetry and cats by moonlight. Elisavietta's poems come of many sleepless nights prowling the dreamscape of the imagination. "Before the moon looms full the spirits in my brain begin to whirl--." That many of these poems have to do with cats is not surprising, as cats revel in nocturnal escapades, but also in their nature, the wisdom of cats can be uncannily human, while the intuition of cats is undoubtably superior. Inspired by the poems, each of Suzanne's cat drawings conveys an intriguing visual dimension in response to the words.

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