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Elegy for the  Other Woman


Elegy for the
Other Woman

ISBN 0-930095-20-0
PRICE: $14.00
Signal Books

Elegy for the Other Woman

Celebrating life's most vexing times.

The author's first by her own admission her first bitchy poems.

Elegy for the Other Woman

This is a book clears the path, as it shows a healthy approach to dealing with many vexing situations which pepper humanity.

Dedicated to the other woman, with a peculiar gratitude


Elegy for the Other Woman - excerpt:

"When your lover invites you to join him
at dinner with his old flame
who just blew into town,

Wear your barest black dress,
unwrap black lace stockings,
slip on sandals with gold spike heels.

Choose the jewelry which
is unmistakably real,
preferably his most recent gift."






"Both Monica and Hilary should read this..maybe even the whole country!!"
-- from Carpenter Gothic

Elisavietta Ritchie's work is original, varied and exciting, and has been growing steadily in scope and control. The core of her poems is vitality. Grim, joyous, exuberant or erotic, they have a strong and vivid life." Josephine Jacobsen, poetry consultant at the Library of Congress, author of in The Crevice of Tiime.




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