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new notes from elisavietta

Stay Tuned! News Forthcoming!

As the year begins to gather momentum, take note of these now and future publications and events.

Also something being organized for a half-dozen poets from Southern Maryland to read in White Plains outside Baltimore; am considering an anthology of the bunch of us.

Fred Wolven of ANN ARBOR REVIEW accepted a bunch of poems: View online

Ginosko Literary Review accepted story "The Crawl Space" for issue 22 for Midwinter 2018-2019

New pieces under consideration

LUNATIC MOONS: INSOMNIA CANTATAS is in production at Shelden Studios and should be published in March 2019... possibly earlier!

Coming in April 2019:

Visions of Verses, April 10 - May 5th

Reception April 13 from 5-8pm at calvART Gallery

A new anthology of poems by some dozen poets writing on some dozen paintings at calvART Gallery in Prince Frederick; Michael Glaser is masterminding this event. Stay tuned for updates.

April 3, 2019 6:30 pm

Crofton Community Library 1681 Riedel Rd Crofton, MD 21114

Reading with Karla Christopher-Waid, the former Poet Laureate of YORK PA. Susan Sonde is organizing this.


RECENTLY PUBLISHED in September 2018

My third fiction collection THE SCOTCH RUNNER: STORIES is out from Poets Choice Publishing.

The Scotch Runner


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creative memoirs

Creative Writing — Creative Memoir

—Rewrite Your Life—Or Someone Else's—
Workshop at Prince Frederick Library
every second Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, 2-4 pm

2019 is here and so much going on! I am stealing time to scribble and decipher and re-work-work-work new and ongoing stories, poems and articles.

The Bay Weekly accepted for the Labor Day issue my mini-interviews with Barbara Lorton, singer and musician, and with Samantha Piotros, student and nurse.

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...get inspired! March! 2018

...get inspired! September '18

We are all supposed to be reading, at least dipping into, this year's One Maryland One Book title, All American Boys, and/or at least thinking and perhaps writing about our own experiences with and ideas regarding race relations in schools, workplaces and on the street. The situation in the book is right out of current news. I've emailed you a book review which gives a good sense of the book, and if you at least dip into the book, you quickly see it vividly presents the language of today's teenage boys and their conundrums.


The Twelve

I am showcasing some selections of my translations online.
This one, THE TWELVE, by Alexander Blok, has now been revitalized and is presented here as an online book, very closely rendered to it's original formatting.

The graphic above will lead you to my translations page, where THE TWELVE can be found.




I snap the geraniums in 400 ASP black-and-white
since that's in my camera. They catch sun from snow
piled outside. In my bay window they glow
what my mother might call rather a brazen scarlet.

Each single floret is tiny, fragile, but massed
in a greater sum, big as a fist,
they burn my palms with their light.
Even when petals shrivel, officially finished,

that pungent crimson stays bright.
Yet they print mere icicle gray.
One would suppose, seeing this glossy photo,
my geraniums pink, sappy lavender, white.

These leaves velvet green, must explain.
Recalling my mother's distaste
for what is passé, right before I shot
I clipped what foliage yellowed and dried.

My mother, whose birthday should be today,
insisted on positive attitudes. Oh, I can tell they
are red, she would assure me. Color is not
what matters here, but your composition.

Note interplays, variegated light against
curved shapes, indented, the pick-up-stix
grids of spaghetti twigs bearing blossoms or leaves
versus the thick main stems…You've let them grow

leggy, ungainly, dear, do cut them back...By the rotund
weight of the pots, one knows they are rusty brick.
The planes of ceiling and wall are white as the snow
on black branches outside. As for your voids–

I'm all too aware of the voids. And look! She'd point
to what I see only now, in the space of the pane:
Did you know you caught a cardinal in flight?
Male, you can tell by the crest. Very red.

[earlier versions ©1992 The Christian Science Monitor]


Elisavietta Ritchie

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