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new notes from elisavietta

11th August 2016

Published an article in the Bay Weekly "The Dog Who Raised Me" See the article on my Journalism Page.

4th August 2016

Published an article in the Bay Weekly "Just Passing Through" See the article on my Journalism Page.


28th June 2016

Contemporary Literary History: DO Click Here to read the attached article on Ferlinghetti and the Beats. City Lights bookstore was where I used to hang out ...

20th June, 2016

See link http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.com/ with several of us poets from the Greater Washington Area, an online journal of sorts, something Joanna Howard has masterminded.

The Bay Weekly published my article "Master Sailor Paid it Forward," about Stovy Brown teaching many high-schoolers in Southern Maryland to sail, but is now coping with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Still he continues to do all he can from a wheelchair. See the article on my Journalism Page.

Published the poem "Clearing the Path" [see my Poetry Page] in Temptations, the Seven Deadly Since: In the anthology from Lost Tower Publications.

Ann Arbor Review issue # 16 is now published online at: http://annarborreview.net/aArborReview_XVI/AARIndex.htm

5th of June, 2016 — from 4 to 7pm and then some
Elisavietta Ritchie & Clyde Farnsworth invite YOU to a

Featuring Carol Jennings' THE DEAD SPIRITS AT THE PIANO & William Rivera's NOISE. Others with recent books are invited to read more briefly during the Open Mic intervals. 3207 Macomb Street NW, between Connecticut Avenue and 34th Street, Washington, DC 20008-3327. Refreshments will be served. New books available for sale and olderbooks to take, free!, from Clyde and Lisa's overflowing shelves.

Books also available from Amazon, Poets-Choice.com, Barnes&Noble, Politics&Prose, other independent bookstores



http://www.lochravenreview.net/ is up--Read poems by Carol Jennings, a review of her new book THE DEAD SPIRITS AT THE PIANO, and Clyde Farnsworth's 'JUNKET IS NICE' a chapter from his forthcoming TANGLED BYLINES: A FATHER-SON memoir of two journalists---

Cool? A snowy night in Leningrad is cool indeed.
People freeze to death.

Friday, May 20, 5:30-7. Poetry, Art, and Percussion Rhythms, CalvArt Gallery
Michael Glaser & Rocky Jones are the featured poets.
Open mic at end for brief readings by guests.

Sunday May 15 afternoon 'MEET THE AUTHORS' EVENT 12:00-4:00

The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association Attached is the schedule of who reads what when. Several familiar names.

Allen, Behre, Brownlie, Caruso, Chambers, Clark, Cousins, DogTagsandHeels, Farnsworth, Flowers, Hildebrandt, Kadmea, Jaster, Jenkins, Long, Maki, Prey, Ritchie, Stewart, Washington

Grown-up Stories & Children's Books from Local, Regional, and Military Experiences

Where: Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, Building B

22156 Three Notch Road, Lexington Park, St. Mary's County MD

For More Information Contact: PRNAMAEventsComm@gmail.com

May 14th, 2016, 5-8pm

Fresh, Funky Art; a Modern View of Southern Maryland
by Shelden, Griffin, Schneider, Wade
They always have interesting attendees involved in various creative endeavors, inspired hors díoeuvres and beverages.
CalvART Gallery: 110 Solomon Island Rd, Prince Frederick (i.e. near Greene Turtle, Dream Weavers, EZThai, up from PF post office).






May 15th
Reading of poetry at the Air Museum in Lexington Park.

April 25th-26th, The Bay View Elementary School

The Bay View Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia has invited Elisavietta to give a poetry-in-the-schools workshop to the four sections of the fourth grade.

April 18th, Café Muse at 7PM — 2016

Café Muse poetry reading showcasing the work of Emilia Phillips and Elisavietta ritchie. 7pm, Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 S. Park Avenue., Chevy Chase. Followed by Open Mic.

Tiger Upstairs on Connecticute Avenue

Elisavietta's recent book, Babushka's Beads was officially published in March 2016

"...Elisavietta Ritchie's rich autobiographical collection of poems only leaves you wanting more, not less."

ISBN 978-0-9909257-9-8

Available now from poets-choice.com

March 20, 2:30 - 4PM — 2016

A big poetry bash at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center organized by Hiram Larew: Discovering Spring - A Poetry Reading and Open Mic, Featuring ever-popular poets Elisavietta (Lisa) Ritchie, Andre "Brenardo" Taylor, Grace Cavalieri and Rocky Jones.

All seating was filled as people gathered for an afternoon's celebration of poetry inspired by Spring. An open mic for poetry followed the featured poets. Light refreshments were served.

March 12th, 2016

And because I, and surely you, are intrigued by the cross fertilization of various forms of creativity (even if my attempts at sculpture, for instance, though striving toward Michelangelo or at least Giacometti, end up as sodden rocks) I attach an article on the reincarnation of the long-time friendship between Baryshnikov and Brodsky.

And see the new show: "Faces" — Ray/Phyllis Noble and Randy/Marie Estabrook at CalvArt Gallery between Dream Weavers Cafe and Sakura in the old Prince Frederick Shopping Center up from the Post Office.

Date: 9 March - 3 April Reception: 12 March 5-8 pm

I've seen examples of their work, indeed visited the Nobles' home studio off Cox Road, photographed in their studio/lab bursting with panels of stained glass in the process of becoming works of art and wrote a story on it that never made it to print!

March 9th, 2016

one among you asked if I were writing MY memoirs. My answer: "I'm still too young." However, my new collection BABUSHKA'S BEADS: A GEOGRAPHY OF GENES, New & Selected poems, forms a sort of pseudo-memoir on the Russian side of my family. www.poets-choice.com

January 15-16, 2016

florida window

Dear Ones,

I know you imagine us sunbathing on the sand, lolling in hot tubs in luxurious resort hotels, idling in the many bars and nibbling lotus flowers and biking over the dunes...Keep dreaming!

Alas, though New Year's Day in New Smyrna Beach was warm enough to swim in the pool and Clyde dipped in the surf until after a torrential monsoon this morning, for a few hours this afternoon the sun appeared and was warm, the rest of the weather has more often been rainy and chill and we have been working day and night on the penultimate "final" stages of our books...

Backtracking to a challenging drive south, then the three nights in a no-frills motel on the main Dixie Highway in New Smyrna Beach: Clyde, expecting luxury, was miserable about the "simplicity" thereof and could not sleep for the traffic which began at 6 a.m. So his insomnia colored everything. Then we finally were able to spend one night at the excellent Best Western with a balcony right over the beach.

Now we are in a beautifully appointed AIRB&B on the grounds of an old estate which is now a B&B (currently no guests till the Nascar weeks begin in February) a half hour northward in a quiet neighborhood in Daytona Beach a block from the river and some five blocks to the beach.

lisa and clyde

Until yesterday, the town seemed almost deserted and rundown. Kirk and Sara spent a long weekend here, and produced and treated us to gourmet meals stocked the larder and found plenty to explore.

The main noise is the whistle of a train which shrills and toots night and day just across the river. Except for this, which does wake us occasionally, from the first night Clyde has slept relatively well, so much so that while we picked up the super Rozerem pills for which Chris went to much trouble to get a local Walmart to order, these are for the moment on the shelf though he expects to need them when he retrieves the old anxieties as we return north.

We did rent bikes right away, Clyde a two-wheeler which he finds great to ride on the hard sand at low tide. I rented the only adult trike in town and a monster. While on Sanibel and in Sarasota I was zooming all over on rusty but light-weight trikes, this one is so monstrously heavy and the seat slipped down so that the first day out — while I did not entirely fall off —my legs are black and blue with open wounds because of which Clyde insists I give up biking until I find shin guards, and I cannot yet go in the hot tub. So I merely attach my yesterday's photos.

daytona bikers by lisa ritchie

Otherwise, Clyde and I have both spent every moment on our respective manuscripts, except for an hour a day hiking on the so far beautiful but until yesterday chilly windy beach.

And barely had we move in than when sudden monumental pain hit the left lower molar, so two days we spent tracking down dentists too busy to see me and driving from one end of this long skinny town between Oral Surgery and Dr. Rosenburg's Root Canals to the Publix where we got Amoxicillin free. Now I am relying on Aleve, which keeps the pain at bay, and hope this will keep me until I have to make some big decision. I am too busy to do so.

Clyde seems to have done all he can on his opus magnum, including the photos and captions, until University of Missouri press returns the penultimate version and he has to worry about typos and footnotes. Now he is struggling with the log-line and "treatment" for his screenplay aborning.

Finally I can do no more fine-tuning the "final" manuscript of my new book BABUSHKA'S BEADS: A GEOGRAPHY OF GENES. Richard Harteis, the publisher, overnighted here and we worked over it (not an easy procedure). I actually have formatted most of the book myself. Now it is up to Richard to finalize the job, but he has just broken his elbow so it will take longer.

So, having made some deadlines including submitting my new collection of short stories (all of which have already been published individually in one or another journal), I am about to go in to organizing the next collection-in-progress. But there are always the banal quotidian tasks such as laundry, and paying bills — tasks which keep us humble. As you may have noticed.

ASAP today we will head to what is at last a sunny and warm beach--

Love to all

daytona gulls by lisa ritchie


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creative memoirs

Creative Writing — Creative Memoir
aka: "Rewrite Your Life—Or Someone Else's" workshop

LOCATION: Prince Frederick Library

Wednesday, September 14th, 2-4 pm

Bring about ten copies of up to 800 words of memoir or fiction or a poem, but you can have more in reserve in case we have time. GET INSPIRED! See if my eclectic cornucopia sets off a memoir, story or poem in your head as they did in my own cat's cradle of imagination.

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The Twelve

I am showcasing some selections of my translations online.
This one, THE TWELVE, by Alexander Blok, has now been revitalized and is presented here as an online book, very closely rendered to it's original formatting.

The graphic above will lead you to my translations page, where THE TWELVE can be found.




I snap the geraniums in 400 ASP black-and-white
since that's in my camera. They catch sun from snow
piled outside. In my bay window they glow
what my mother might call rather a brazen scarlet.

Each single floret is tiny, fragile, but massed
in a greater sum, big as a fist,
they burn my palms with their light.
Even when petals shrivel, officially finished,

that pungent crimson stays bright.
Yet they print mere icicle gray.
One would suppose, seeing this glossy photo,
my geraniums pink, sappy lavender, white.

These leaves velvet green, must explain.
Recalling my mother's distaste
for what is passé, right before I shot
I clipped what foliage yellowed and dried.

My mother, whose birthday should be today,
insisted on positive attitudes. Oh, I can tell they
are red, she would assure me. Color is not
what matters here, but your composition.

Note interplays, variegated light against
curved shapes, indented, the pick-up-stix
grids of spaghetti twigs bearing blossoms or leaves
versus the thick main stems…You've let them grow

leggy, ungainly, dear, do cut them back...By the rotund
weight of the pots, one knows they are rusty brick.
The planes of ceiling and wall are white as the snow
on black branches outside. As for your voids–

I'm all too aware of the voids. And look! She'd point
to what I see only now, in the space of the pane:
Did you know you caught a cardinal in flight?
Male, you can tell by the crest. Very red.

[earlier versions ©1992 The Christian Science Monitor]

david owens music
Composer David Owens has transformed poems from Elisavietta's Raking the Snow into exciting classical music scored for piano and mezzo-soprano. Now on CD available from Albany Records – catalogue number TROY 1506 and on Amazon.com.



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Tiger Upstairs on Connecticute Avenue

Elisavietta's book, Tiger Upstairs on Connecticut Avenue was officially published in September 2013

"...reading some of her poems is akin to watching a wick sizzle down on a firecracker..." read more from Scott Whittaker's review here.

ISBN 9781625490292

Available now at Amazon.com!
Click Here.

Feathers, or Love on the Wing

Feathers, or Love on the Wing, a team effort with Megan Richard, artist, and Suzanne Shelden, artist and book designer. Suzanne superimposed Elisavietta's bird poems on Megan's bird paintings in ingenious ways to create a beautiful four-color chapbook. Now in its second printing, the book is available on Amazon.com, at art galleries around Southern Maryland, and can be ordered from Shelden Studios, PO Box 3221, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

Elisavietta Ritchie
P.O. Box 298, Broomes Island, MD 20615
— contact Elisavietta Ritchie via email —